Organic Hemp Pasta

Organic Hemp Pasta

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Hemp pasta

Organic whole wheat pasta, egg free, made from high quality durum wheat semolina and hemp flour.
They have a fine nutty flavor and are rich in protein and other nutritional benefits.

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is one of the first plants cultivated and used by man, in the Neolithic period, probably in Central Asia. He then accompanied migrations and conquests to spread over all continents.
Hemp seed, also known as hemp seed, derives its popularity from its ideal essential fatty acid ratio (omega-3 / omega-6 3/1). Hemp seed contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated), which are fatty acids necessary for the human body when consumed sensibly.

Hemp seeds are an important source of vegetable protein and represent an undeniable nutritional asset because they provide the 8 essential amino acids, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E.

This whole wheat pasta is made from organic durum wheat and hemp flour and contains no eggs.
They will perfume your plates with their fine nutty flavor!

Information: organic, vegan, vegan, lactose free, no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars), no soy, no additives or preservatives.
Cooking time: about 6-7 minutes

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina *, hemp flour * (5%), without egg.
* Product from organic farming.
Made in Germany. Net weight: 250 g.